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48     Ozone Monitoring System in Seoul 2003-04-15
Category Korea Hits 2046
Contents Seoul Metropolitan Government yesterday said it will operate situation rooms at each district office and weather centers from next month to monitor the capital's air during the summer. The air monitoring system will network 4,626 organizations, including schools and governmental offices in the capital, which will be able to receive data on..
47     Environment-Friendly Town to Be Built in Unpyong-gu, North o.. 2003-04-15
Category Korea Hits 2082
Contents A large-scale residential and commercial complex, featuring various housing, park and leisure facilities, will be constructed in Unpyong-gu in northern Seoul from next year under the city government's "New Town" project to develop less-affluent areas in the capital, officials said yesterday. When revealing the plans for the construction o..
46     KORECO announces 0.55% cutdown in the annual interest rates f.. 2003-04-11
Category Korea Hits 2180
Contents Beginning from April 1, 2003, the Korea Resources Recovery and Reutilization Corporation(KORECO) will reduce the annual interest rates of the support loans for the recycling industries, from 5.33% to 4.78%, a 0.55% cutdown. This decision was made in reaction to the stagnation in the nation's recycling market, alongside the downward trend o..
45     More than 7000 trees planted in SLC in celebration of the Arbo.. 2003-04-09
Category Korea Hits 2088
Contents More than 350 people from the Ministry of Environment, and its four affiliate facilities- National Institute of Environmental Research, Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation(SLC), Environment Management Corporation, and Korea Resources Recovery & Reutilization Corporation gathered at SLC to celebrate the 58th Arbor Day. Th..
44     Toxic Substances Detected in Underground Water 2003-04-08
Category Korea Hits 2237
Contents Toxic substances harmful to the liver and kidneys were detected in underground water sources, the Environment Ministry said yesterday. In an inspection of 3,882 locations by the ministry and local governments, 144 places, or 3.7 percent, were found to have exceeded water quality standards last year. A total of 35 locations contained trichlo..

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