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65     A special inspection on waste and wastewater facilities conduc.. 2003-06-18
Category Korea Hits 1826
Contents In preparation for the rainy season this summer, the Ministry of Environment announced a special inspection and control measures for wastewater and waste treatment facilities around the nation. The special inspection period, which is planned from June 16 to August 2nd, is to prepare for the wastes and wastewater that is stored in discharg..
64     Eco-Friendly Chonggye Stream to Be Restored by 2005: Mayor Le.. 2003-06-05
Category Korea Hits 1882
Contents Seoul City Mayor Lee Myung-bak is under heavy fire for his apparent lack of measures to reduce traffic congestions in central Seoul that are expected to reach peak when the Chonggye-chon restoration project gets under way beginning July 1. In his report to President Roh Moo-hyun yesterday, Lee said he made arrangements with the police t..
63     New recycling center promotes environmentally friendly ways fo.. 2003-06-04
Category Korea Hits 1896
Contents Beginning from June 1st, a new recycling center for old household electronic appliances will go into operation, facilitating the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility System(EPR) and promoting more environmentally friendly lifestyles. With around 500 people, including Minister of Environment Han Myeong Sook and Sohn H..
62     Fatal and highly toxic pesticides prohibited from use in the g.. 2003-05-30
Category Korea Hits 1823
Contents According to the amendments made in the Water Quality Protection Act and its Enforcement Decree, which will go into effect from June 23 of this year, 17 highly toxic pesticides, such as parathions, will be prohibited from use in the golf courses. The only exceptions are upon the official approval by the city mayor or province governor, i..
61     Innovative technological progress on waste management to be pr.. 2003-05-23
Category Korea Hits 1942
Contents More than 450 people from the waste management sector, including the central and regional government officials, environmental technology experts, and researchers and technicians from the academia and industries will be gathered in Seogwipo City, Jeju Island, to participate in the "2003 Workshop on Waste Treatment Technology". The Works..

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