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16     New product labels to tell consumers what is recyclable 2002-12-31
Category Korea Hits 2747
Contents In line with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system that will start next year, recyclable products will be marked with new labels starting next January, the Ministry of Environment said yesterday. The system calls for manufacturers to collect and recycle their goods. Products regulated by EPR, such as, among others, plastic food..
15     An instant noodle cup ruling grabs hold of environmentalists 2002-12-31
Category Korea Hits 3015
Contents The Ministry of Environment abruptly changed its policy on requirements for recycling instant noodle cups yesterday, stirring a debate among environmental activists and noodle producers. The ministry originally said at least 60 percent of the instant noodle cups must be made of paper, rather than polystyrene, starting next year. The ministry..
14     Domestic Sales of Carens II to Be Banned From January 2002-12-31
Category Korea Hits 2847
Contents Kia Motors' diesel-powered Carens II passenger car will be taken off the local market from next year, officials at the Environment Ministry said yesterday. ``As of now, there is no way to revise environmental regulations to permit further sales of Carens II minivans within this year,' said an official at the ministry's automotive pollution c..
13      Seoul plans underground dams 2002-12-31
Category Korea Hits 2913
Contents The government said yesterday it plans to build 21 underground dams over the next 10 years to supply subterranean water for living and industrial use. The Ministry of Construction and Transportation said yesterday it had proposed 21 areas for construction of the underground dams. After completion, the dams would be able to provide an estimate..
12     Seoul targets plastics in recycling regulation 2002-12-31
Category Korea Hits 2842
Contents Styrofoam packaging has been a major headache for consumers even as recycling has taken hold here and householders began paying for trash service eight years ago. Beginning next year, manufacturers will be subject to fines of up to 30 percent on top of the cost of recycling if they fail to meet a quota for using recycled materials, the governme..

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