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44     Toxic Substances Detected in Underground Water 2003-04-08
Category Korea Hits 2327
Contents Toxic substances harmful to the liver and kidneys were detected in underground water sources, the Environment Ministry said yesterday. In an inspection of 3,882 locations by the ministry and local governments, 144 places, or 3.7 percent, were found to have exceeded water quality standards last year. A total of 35 locations contained trichlo..
43     Facilities which emit scattering dust will be subject to speci.. 2003-04-07
Category Korea Hits 2280
Contents For the period of 35 days (from April 7 to May 10) all the facilities nationwide which produce the scattering dust, such as construction sites and aggregate extraction areas, will undergo a special inspection by the Ministry of Environment. The Ministry revealed on April 3 of its plans for conducting an inspection against scattering dust ..
42     Air Pollution Control Law to Be Pushed 2003-04-03
Category Korea Hits 2302
Contents The Environment Ministry yesterday promised to push for a special law to improve the nation’s bad air quality this year. "As solving the issue of severe urban air pollution cannot be delayed any longer, we will work towards passing a special law to improve the nation's air in line with the standards of other advanced countries," Environmen..
41     The latest automatic odor detection system built around the Su.. 2003-04-02
Category Korea Hits 2262
Contents In order to detect and assess the root cause of the offensive odor in its area, the Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation(SLC) invested about 1.5 billion won in building the latest and newest Odor Auto Analysing Center, with Open Path systems that can detect up to 12 main causes of odor, such as ammonia. The SLC is an affiliate ..
40     Government allows diesel-powered automobiles in the domestic m.. 2003-04-02
Category Korea Hits 2351
Contents The long controversy surrounding the usage of diesel-powered passenger cars has finally ended, as the government decided to allow the sale of these kinds of vehicles in the domestic market beginning from 2005. During the Economic Policy Coordination Meeting held in Cheong Wa Dae on March 27, 2003, the government made a final decision to ad..

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