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5     "The Extended Producer Responsibility System" to be officiall.. 2002-12-30
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Contents People in Korea do not need to be concerned about how to throw away their broken, outdated, or old electronic products anymore. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2003, the Extended Producers Recycling System(EPRS) will be officially launched nationwide, in which product manufacturers will take full responsibility for the recycling and disposal of their p..
4     Toxics Release Inventory(TRI) expanded to include non-point .. 2002-12-30
Category Korea Hits 3868
Contents Beginning in 2003, non-point source pollutants, such as pesticides, automobiles, and household insecticides, will be subject to the examination by the Toxics Release Inventory(TRI). Non-point pollutants, pesticides and household insecticides, and other non-point source pollutants are regularly exposed to the public without any preventive ..
3     Installation rate of the water-saving systems in the public fa.. 2002-12-30
Category Korea Hits 3661
Contents A study conducted on the installation rate of water saving equipment in public facilities which use a mass amount of water, revealed that about 89% of the public baths and 83% of the lodging houses have the water-saving equipments installed in their facilities. Regionally, Chungcheongbuk-do topped the list with the 99% the installation rate,..
2     Special measures needed for preserving the natural ecosystem i.. 2002-12-30
Category Korea Hits 3647
Contents According to the survey conducted by the National Institute of Environmental Research on the 145 uninhabited islands in Korea, 17 islands, including Ongjin-gun and Dongman-do, were found to be kept intact without human activity, abounding with many endangered plants and animals protected under the Natural Environment Preservation Act and en..
1     Safety regulation measures for toxic chemical treatment facili.. 2002-12-30
Category Korea Hits 3458
Contents In reaction to the terror attacks happening frequently worldwide, the Ministry of Environment conducted an inspection control for the safety regulations in the toxic chemical treatment facilities, to protect the nation from the release and misuse of the toxic chemical substances. The inspection was conducted by the Ministry of Environmen..

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