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2297     Gwangju has kicked off Solid Refuse Fuel system operations 2017-01-18
Category Korea Hits 56
Contents Gwangju City has begun a new Solid Refuse Fuel or SRF system from January 2nd. Reportedly, the environmentally-friendly procedure reprocesses household waste into new sources of energy. According to the city, a local SRF system will be able to process up to 800 tons of household waste per day, recapturing 60% of the amount as solid f..
2296     Gwangju to prevent light pollution downtown 2017-01-18
Category Korea Hits 43
Contents Gwangju city has designated downtown areas as a ‘Luminous Environment Management Zone’ to prevent light pollution and preserve animals and plants. The zone falls into 4 categories; green belt area, farming and rural areas, residential areas and business and manufacturing areas. The city said the installation of new lighting ..
2295     Gwangju’s core project set to start in earnest 2017-01-18
Category Korea Hits 45
Contents One of the core projects of the sixth municipal government, the Eco-Friendly Vehicle Component Cluster Construction project, continues to gain momentum following the recent announcement of funding amounts. According to City Hall, the national government will provide 48% of the required funding, or 143.1 of the 303 billion won likely t..
2294     Aircraft Noise of Gwangju airport is the worst in the country.. 2017-01-17
Category Korea Hits 60
Contents The aircraft noise from Gwangju airport has been found to be the worst among all the airports in South Korea. According to an environmental report published by Gwangju city, the average level of noise generated at Gwangju is the highest at an 88 on the Weighted Equivalent Continuous Perceived Noise Level scale. There are only ..
2293     The City of Ulsan holds ‘Pine Wilt Disease Control Conferen.. 2016-12-19
Category Korea Hits 211
Contents The City of Ulsan announced that it held ‘2016 Pine Wilt Disease Control Conference’ at the control center on the 7th floor of its main building at 14:00 on November 24 with the attendance of 15 officials from the cities, districts & counties and related agencies. The attendees include the deputy mayor for economic affairs Oh Gyu-taek,..

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