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2310     Gwangju offers electric car subsidies to residents 2017-02-01
Category Korea Hits 160
Contents Gwangju City Hall is looking to provide more support to electric car owners in 2017. The metropolitan government has announced it will supply 100 electric cars, 107 charging systems, and 50 electric two-wheel vehicles to residents this year. Recipients will be selected through a public lottery set to take place March 31st. In additi..
2309     Tomato manual lifts African aid 2017-01-26
Category Korea Hits 175
Contents Korea has now shared its agricultural know-how about harvesting tomatoes with 15 African governments. The Rural Development Administration (RDA) announced on Jan. 18 that it has published “Postharvest Handling of Tomatoes in Africa,” a technical manual that outlines the skills and processes needed to handle harvested tomatoes. The m..
2308     International Renewable Energy Exhibition to be held in Gwan.. 2017-01-26
Category Korea Hits 141
Contents Gwangju City will hold the ‘SWEET 2017’ International Renewable Energy Exhibition from March 15th to 17th at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center. About 200 companies from 20 countries have confirmed their participation for SWEET 2017, also known as the Solar, Wind and Earth Energy Trade Fair. This 12th annual event aims to devel..
2307     Ulsan Metropolitan City announces 2017 Outdated Diesel Vehicl.. 2017-01-25
Category Korea Hits 162
Contents Ulsan Metropolitan City announces 2017 Outdated Diesel Vehicle Disposal Project 300 2.5-ton or larger diesel vehicles registered before 2005 will be scrapped under a budget of KRW 482 million Applications will be accepted from January 31 Ulsan Metropolitan City will carry out “2017 Outdated Diesel Vehicle Disposal Project.” Ulsan M..
2306     Traffic signal improvements ease congestion in Gwangju 2017-01-25
Category Korea Hits 140
Contents A recent overhaul of the municipal traffic signal system has resulted in significant improvements to Gwangju City’s traffic flow. Over the past year, the metropolitan government has adjusted the cycles and periods of nearly 1200 traffic signals for both cars and pedestrians in areas prone to congestion. As a result, the city’s avera..

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