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2316     Gwangju’s first public solar energy plant starts operation 2017-02-24
Category Korea Hits 170
Contents Gwangju’s first publically-owned solar energy power plant began operations today on the rooftop of the Gwangju Green Car Agency in Gwangsan-gu District. The 100 kW-scale solar generator was constructed with 100 million won invested by area citizens. The Green Car Agency and the International Climate and Environment Center al..
2315     EV supply project hugely popular in Gwangju 2017-02-24
Category Korea Hits 163
Contents The electric car supply project seems to be garnering quite the success in Gwangju. 95 electric cars that Gwangju City decided to supply to the private sector this year sold out within three weeks of release. The cars’ popularity is considered to be an important factor in the increase of the local subsidy and the awareness of eco..
2314     Alternative-day-no-driving system to be implemented in public .. 2017-02-17
Category Korea Hits 201
Contents The Ministry of Environment ("ME," Minister Cho KyeungKyu), Seoul Metropolitan Government, Incheon Metropolitan City and Gyeonggi Province will implement emergency mitigation measures, such as the alternative-day-no-driving system in administrative and public institutions as well as shortened operation of places of business and construct..
2313     A host of business entities charged with illegal distribution .. 2017-02-17
Category Korea Hits 190
Contents The Ministry of Environment ("ME," Minister Cho KyeungKyu) identified 33 business entities involved in unauthorized manufacture and sale of the hazardous chemical Polyhexamethylene Guanidine ("PHMG"). These entities allegedly violated the Chemicals Control Act. The case has been forwarded to the Seoul Eastern District Public Prosecutor..
2312     Ulsan carries out 2017 New & Renewable Energy Project for Hou.. 2017-02-09
Category Korea Hits 207
Contents Ulsan carries out 2017 New & Renewable Energy Project for Housing Ulsan supplements part of the expenses for installation of sunlight and solar power generation facilities to 90 households On February 2, Ulsan Metropolitan City announced that it would carry out 2017 New & Renewable Energy Project for Housing and provide subsidies (at mu..

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