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2353     Gwangju City launches ‘Lower 1 degrees Celsius Project Rall.. 2017-06-23
Category Korea Hits 305
Contents Gwangju city mayor has announced its goals and strategies to reduce the temperature of the city by 1 degrees Celsius at the ‘Lower 1 degrees Celsius project rally, held on June 20th, city hall. According to the city, the detailed slogans, goals as well as the dos and don'ts for lowering the temperature have been gathered by citizens and ..
2352     First green algae spotted at Jooksanbo Reservoir 2017-06-14
Category Korea Hits 312
Contents Green algae has been spotted at Jooksanbo Reservoir on the Yeongsangang River for the first time this summer. Yeongsangang River Environment Office issued an attention level for the water quality forecast. The Number of blue-green algae cells measured at Jooksanbo Reservoir stood at 0 cells/㎖ on May 29th, however, it has rapidly..
2351     Gov’t to actively respond to air pollution 2017-06-08
Category Korea Hits 348
Contents By Xu Aiying and Yoon Sojung The government has stated its aim to take active measures to counter fine dust emissions, particulate matter and other forms of air pollution. Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon has announced that, “Our government will work hard to resolve the issue of fine pollution, which threatens the health of the citizens, an..
2350     Heat warning in effect for 5 regions in eastern Jeonnam 2017-06-08
Category Korea Hits 336
Contents Daily highs in the eastern part of Jeollanamdo Province including Gwangyang, Bosung and Suncheon have reached above 33 degrees Celsius this afternoon. A regional weather agency official said there is a possibility of the heat warning spreading to other areas in the region. The heat warning goes into effect when
2349     Average temperatures in May reached highest in 44 years 2017-06-08
Category Korea Hits 259
Contents As early summer heat prevailed in the month of May, average temperatures reached the highest ever recorded for the month after records began in Korea. According to the Korea Meteorological Agency, the national average temperature in May reached 18.7 degrees Celsius, the highest in 44 years, since recording began in 1973. That is a read..

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