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2339     Korea, Saudi Arabia to bolster cooperation on 7 new industries.. 2017-04-14
Category Korea Hits 368
Contents Korea and Saudi Arabia will strengthen cooperation on seven new cutting edge and rapidly growing industries. The seven sectors are shipbuilding, automobiles, petrochemicals, renewable energy, the defense industry, the construction of desalination plants, and refurbishing and remodeling old factories. Minister of Trade, Industry and..
2338     Mayor Park Won Soon’s European tour Seoul leads ‘sustainab.. 2017-04-13
Category Korea Hits 339
Contents □ Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon will embark on an eight-day tour of three European cities (Paris, France → Vienna, Austria → London, UK) between March 28 (Tues) and April 4 (Tues). □ Seoul Mayor is officially resuming his city diplomacy activities after last November’s decision to cancel the scheduled European tour, judging that he cou..
2337     Seoul, Paris, London gather to clear the air 2017-04-04
Category Korea Hits 436
Contents Clean air is one of the most important necessities for a healthy life. However, many people living in big cities have been overlooking this simple fact. Rather, they were enduring pain and poor health caused by smog. To assuage residents’ suffering and to make their lives healthier, mayors in Seoul, Paris and London have made a deci..
2336     Cheonsang Waterworks Office Opens ‘Public Water Fountain’ .. 2017-04-04
Category Korea Hits 339
Contents Cheonsang Waterworks Office Opens ‘Public Water Fountain’ in Honor of ‘World Water Day’ Open for All Citizens to Increase Reliability of Waterworks and Promote the Benefits of Tap Water Cheonsang Waterworks Office (Director Seo Gwon-su), which is run by the Ulsan Waterworks Headquarters, announced that an opening ceremony of a..
2335     2017 International Symposium for Surface Soil Management to b.. 2017-04-04
Category Korea Hits 318
Contents ▷ Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) holds the 2017 International Symposium for Surface Soil Management. ▷ 11 experts on surface soil management from seven countries including Korea, the United States and France will share latest trends in the field. Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (..

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