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2306     Traffic signal improvements ease congestion in Gwangju 2017-01-25
Category Korea Hits 186
Contents A recent overhaul of the municipal traffic signal system has resulted in significant improvements to Gwangju City’s traffic flow. Over the past year, the metropolitan government has adjusted the cycles and periods of nearly 1200 traffic signals for both cars and pedestrians in areas prone to congestion. As a result, the city’s avera..
2305     Paperless mobile receipts, the first step to green consumption.. 2017-01-23
Category Korea Hits 156
Contents ▷ By issuing mobile receipt via smart phone app, instead of paper receipt, customers can contribute to saving resources, reducing CO2 emissions and preventing pollution. ▷ The Ministry of Environment hold a ceremony to declare ‘paper receipt-free store’ with 13 companies under Shinsegae Group on January 19 to make a shift towards mo..
2304     Jecheon, Danyang offer clean air, comfort to the soul 2017-01-19
Category Korea Hits 170
Contents Dishes made with fresh vegetable from the clean environment, crystal-clear waters and a breath of fresh air. These are some of the most important elements for all living creatures on Earth, of course, for us. There are only two areas in Korea that don’t lack any of these elements: Jecheon-si and Danyang-gun County, both in Chungcheon..
2303     ‘Deep Purple’ rose developed by GARES selected as most out.. 2017-01-19
Category Korea Hits 181
Contents Deep Purple, a rose variety developed by the Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research and Extension Services (GARES), won the Presidential Award at the 12th Korea Variety Awards hosted by the Korea Seed & Variety Service (KSVS) on December 21. Deep Purple is a variety that features glamorous colors – including a mixture of pink..
2302     Alternative-day-no-driving system to be implemented during hig.. 2017-01-19
Category Korea Hits 158
Contents ▷ When a high level of PM2.5 concentrations occur for a long period, 2-day-rotation system and curtailment of operation will be implemented in administrative and public institutions in the metropolitan areas. ▷ After analyzing the effects of pilot project and legislating the emergency mitigation measures in 2018, the measure will be gra..

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