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2282     Jeonnam to take precautions for Super Moon high tides 2016-11-15
Category Korea Hits 84
Contents The Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency has announced unusually high sea levels and tides are expected across the nation beginning Monday night 14th as the so-called "super moon" phenomenon comes into effect. A “super moon” occurs when a full moon is at a point in its orbit closest to the earth, which makes it appear larger and..
2281     Freedom to travel to Civilian Control Line - ‘Dokgaedari Sky.. 2016-11-15
Category Korea Hits 84
Contents On November 7, Gyeonggi Province announced that the Dokgaedari Sky Walk, also known as ‘The Whistle from Tomorrow’, will open in December. The Sky Walk will enable visitors to freely enjoy views of the Imjingang River inside the Civilian Control Line (CCL) without any additional security screenings. ‘The Whistle from Tomorrow’ ..
2280     Gyeonggi Province hosts ‘Vietnam Export Consultation’ for .. 2016-11-15
Category Korea Hits 83
Contents Gyeonggi Province hosts its ‘Vietnam Export Consultation’ event on November 8 in Ho Chi Minh City of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to help companies in the water industry across Gyeonggi Province expand into overseas markets. This consultation session is part of Gyeonggi Province’s ‘Gyeonggi Water Industry Development 5-year C..
2279     1.1 billion dollars of export contracts made at BIXPO 2016 2016-11-15
Category Korea Hits 80
Contents A total of 1.1 billion dollars worth of export deals has been made between domestic and foreign companies through BIXPO 2016, which came to an end on Friday last week. BIXPO 2016 lasted for three days at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center, to showcase new electricity technology and discuss further cooperation with other countries in th..
2278     Sucheon’s Garden honored with Green City Award at Expo 2016 .. 2016-11-15
Category Korea Hits 80
Contents The garden created by Suncheon city at Turkey’s Expo 2016 Antalya has beat out 52 other countries for the honor of a Green City Award. The expo is one of the world’s most extensive garden exhibition events, and opened for its 6-month run in April with a theme of “Flowers and Children”. Suncheon’s exhibit was patterned after the ..

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