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Title  Replace your boiler to reduce air pollution and save energy
Date  2017-02-28 PM 2:38:25 Hit  744
Contents  The ‘household-use low NOx boiler supply project’ replaces ordinary household-use boilers with low NOx boilers. The city government subsidizes up to KRW 160,000, roughly 80% of the replacement cost, and remaining cost is paid by each household. When families replace their boilers with low NOx units, they can reduce approximately 80% of their nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and improve energy efficiency by 11% which means the low NOx boilers can improve air quality and reduce heating costs.

Project overview
- Grounds for support: Article 34 of the Special Act on the Improvement of Air Quality in Seoul Metropolitan Area
- Project duration: January ~ December 2017 (inaugural implementation cycle)
- Allocated budget: KRW 200 million (National budget KRW 100 million City budget KRW 50 million, County budget KRW 50 million)
- Subsidy rate: National budget 50%, City budget 25%, County budget 25%
- Eligibility: Incheon citizens replacing their ordinary household-use boilers with low NOx boilers
- Implementing body: Eight Counties in Incheon Metropolitan City
- Subsidy amount: KRW 160,000 per boiler unit

Implementation plan for 2017: Incheon plans to support 1,250 boiler units
- Jung-gu 49, Dong-gu 55, Nam-gu 237, Yeonsu-gu 98, Namdong-gu 206, Bupyeong-gu 251, Gyeyang-gu 128, Seo-gu 226

Information on household-use low NOx boiler manufacturers and installers (five companies)
- Kyungdong Navien Co., Ltd., Kiturami Co., Ltd., Rinnai Korea Corp., Daesung Celtic Co., Ltd., Lotte Aluminum Co., Ltd. E&M MFG

Other information
- You can submit your application for low NOx boiler support at the division in charge of environmental affairs at each of the eight counties. For more details on the selection criteria, project priority etc., please contact the environmental affairs division at your local County Office.

- Before you apply, you must check the type of supported boilers (certified Eco-Label products approved by the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute). Low NOx boilers cause condensation therefore you should check if plumbing can be installed for condensation with your boiler manufacturer before installing the unit.

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