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Title  Gwangju Launches Hydrogen Car Sharing
Source  Other
Date  2017-03-09 PM 3:07:20 Hit  717
Gwangju city will launch Korea's first hydrogen car sharing program today.

The city has been tapped as a test bed for the car-sharing endeavor, aimed at improving public awareness of the eco-friendly vehicles. If the feasibility is proven, more vehicles will be used in the city starting in 2018, with the program to be extended to nearby regions.

The Environment Ministry said there will be 15 hydrogen cars in the city, along with 27 pure electric vehicles.

The ministry also said that it has provided subsidies to Gwangju to use the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV).

It predicted that people wanting to go on long trips will favor the hydrogen-fuel car, while those interested in short commutes will likely choose the electric vehicles.
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