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Title Gwangju to cooperate with 26 organizations to prevent Spring mountain fire
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Date 2017-03-17 PM 1:32:31 Hit 940
The city of Gwangju will strengthen its cooperation with 26 related organizations to prepare for a mountain fire prone Spring season.

The city will hold a meeting with the related organizations including the local fire departments, military units and police departments on the 17th.

During the months of March and April, mountain fires can frequently happen due to the small amount of rainfall and continuous dry conditions.

The city designated March 20th to April 20th as Mountain Fire Prevention Period.

Gwangju will dispatch 101 monitor personnel to 72 fire-prone areas while operating 8 surveillance cameras and putting 4 fire fighting helicopters on standby.

Anyone caught committing arson can be fined maximum 500,000 won.
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