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Title 2017 Children’s Flower Gardening Program
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Date 2017-03-29 PM 5:53:37 Hit 899
Contents 2017 Children’s Flower Gardening Program
March 14 to October 19 in Cooperation with 15 Kindergartens
Ulsan Agricultural Technology Center (Director Jeong Dae-hwa) announced that a flower gardening program at the flower nursery, which is run by the center, will be offered for children to increase their natural curiosities and inspire their emotions of flowers.
Ulsan Agricultural Technology Center posted a notice of the children’s gardening program on their website, performed promotional activities with the target of 15 public and private kindergartens from February 9 to March 7, 2017, and then received their applications for the gardening activities.
In line with the flower planting season, the gardening program starts on March 14 at 10:00 AM at the kindergarten attached to the Seongan Elementary School and continues until October 19 at the flower nursery of the Ulsan Agricultural Technology Center.
The curriculum includes a tour of the flower nursery, sowing of seeds, and planting flowers. Seasonal flower seeds will be given to the participants as souvenirs to promote planting flowers at home
Contact the Nursery Production Division of the Ulsan Agricultural Technology Center (+82-52-229-5481~3) for more information regarding the program.
An official of the Ulsan Agricultural Technology Center said, “The children’s gardening program will advance their interests in garden plants, improve their understanding of agricultural activities, refine their mentality and emotions, and promote their respect for life.”
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