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Title  Cheonsang Waterworks Office Opens ‘Public Water Fountain’ in Honor of ‘World Water Day’
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Date  2017-04-04 PM 3:54:51 Hit  740
Contents  Cheonsang Waterworks Office Opens ‘Public Water Fountain’ in Honor of ‘World Water Day’
Open for All Citizens to Increase Reliability of Waterworks and Promote the Benefits of Tap Water
Cheonsang Waterworks Office (Director Seo Gwon-su), which is run by the Ulsan Waterworks Headquarters, announced that an opening ceremony of a ‘public water fountain,’ which is installed near the main gate of the waterworks office, was held on March 22 at 4:00 PM in honor of ‘World Water Day’ to supply water purified by advanced water treatment processes to all citizens for free.
* The World Water Day, held every March 22, was designated at the 47th UN Assembly in 1992 to prevent water shortages and pollution and celebrate the importance of water sustainability.
The public water fountain was established to promote the use of tap water that is fully purified by the advanced water treatment processes in the Cheonsang Advanced Water Treatment Plant, which was completed on July 29, 2016 to supply tap water to the jurisdiction of Ulsan Metropolitan City, and raise awareness on the importance of water in honor of World Water Day on March 22.
Moreover, the waterworks office produces high quality water with certification of ISO9001 and 14001/OHSAS18001 by complying with the global standards of the quality, environment, and safety and health management system for the first time in the country, and all citizens can visit the plant to experience the water treatment processes.
Director Seo Gwon-su of the Cheonsang Waterworks Office said, “The public water fountain that was set up by the Cheonsang Waterworks Office offering all citizens water free of charge is expected to increase the reliability and promote the advantages of tap water.”
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