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Title  Minister Cho KyeungKyu meets with the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam
Source  Ministry of Environment
Date  2017-04-14 AM 10:49:09 Hit  794
Minister Cho KyeungKyu had a bilateral meeting with Vietnamese Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha at the 13th Korea-Vietnam Environment Ministers Meeting, which took place on March 29 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The two ministers discussed various environmental issues including cooperation for the construction of landfill gastoelectricity power plants in Hanoi, measures to improve waste water treatment facilities in Vietnam's industrial complexes and joint research on biodiversity. Minister Cho presented 1,000 Illustrated Plant Books of Me Linh in Vietnam and Illustrated Insect Books of Southern Vietnam, published by the National Institute of Biological Resources ad a result of joint research on biodiversity preservation, to Minister Tran Hong Ha.
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