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Title  Korea-China-Japan Tripartite Director General Meeting for TEMM to be held on April 26 in Incheon
Source  Ministry of Environment
Date  2017-04-24 PM 3:50:11 Hit  727
▷ Tripartite Director General Meeting among Korea, China and Japan will take place to prepare for the 19th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting (TEMM19), which will be held on August 24-25.

▷ Director generals from the three countries will negotiate o the wordings of the Joint Communique and discuss various issues including the establishment of Korea-China Environmental Cooperation Center in an effort to combat particulate matters.

The Ministry of Environment ("ME", Minister Cho KyeungKyu) announced that the Tripartite Director-General Meeting for the 19th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting (TEMM 19) among Korea, China and Japan will take place on April 26 in Incheon to discuss environmental issues in three countries and ways to foster trilateral cooperation.

At the meeting, director generals from the three countries will negotiate on the Joint Communique to be adopted at TEMM 19, examine the status of implementing the Joint Action Plan for 2015-2019 and have working-level discussions on cooperation projects for 2017-2018.

Korea, China, Japan agreed to hold the TEMM19 on August 24-25 in Suwon, Korea. In preparation for TEMM 19, the three countries have held two working-level meetings in February and March.

At the upcoming working-level meeting in April, director-general level officials from Korea, China and Japan will attend to hold Korea-China and Korea-Japan bilateral meetings, and have in-depth discussions on various issues including Korea-China Environmental Cooperation Center and mid-term cooperation plan as well as Korea-Japan cooperation on migratory birds.

With regard to particulate matters, participants will report the result of the 4th Korea-China-Japan Policy Dialogue on Air Pollution held in China in February to the three director generals, and they will discuss on joint investigation on air quality with China.

At TEMM 19 to take place in August, environment ministers from Korea, China and Japan will examine the implementation status of Joint Action Plan for 2015-2019 established in 2015 and will adopt the Joint Communique to express their will to foster tripartite cooperation on environmental issues such as fine dust and climate change.
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