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Title  Seoul completes its second-stage of improving water facilities in Chanchamayo of Peru
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Date  2017-09-22 PM 3:39:08 Hit  277
Contents  Overseas development assistance projects carried by the Seoul Metropolitan Government have been successfully paying off. Especially it obtains great results in the waterworks field.

As the first assistance project, the city government built and renovated water supplies and purification plants in Chanchamayo, Peru, based on its advanced know-hows and skills. Now the city of Chanchamayo is able to produce and supply clean water to its residents.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Office of Waterworks has been conducting various overseas development assistance projects related to waterworks – through which it builds water facilities to underdeveloped countries, promote exchanges of experiences, know-hows and skills with other countries by holding workshops and dispatching skilled manpower. It also supports Korean companies that have a plan to extend their waterworks business abroad.

Since 2013, the city government has been building and improving waterworks in Chanchamayo in three stages – It improved the aqueduct and water intake systems, built a new water purification plant, and improved the water supply plants in La Merced. As of September 12, 2017, the city government completed its second-stage of works.

The city government injected 2.1 billion won (US$ 1.8 million) from 2013 to 2018 into building or renovating water supplies and purification plants in Chanchamayo’s San Ramon, La Merced and Pichanaki, which will provide clean water to residents in the area.

The assistance projects are made through the Official Development Assistance that can be used to promote international exchanges, amicable ties and cooperation with foreign countries and disaster relief activities. Around 900 million won (US$ 793,000) have been spent for the first and second stages of works in Peru as far.

Other cities including Huancayo in Peru and Bogota in Colombia are also interested in possible cooperation with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to improve local water supply and purification systems.

The city government hopes to continue to provide assistance where needed throughout the world, such as South America, Africa and Southeast countries, to build water facilities for cleaner water. It will also find opportunities to expand Korea’s businesses on waterworks abroad.
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