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639     Media Registration Open for Third APEC Senior Officials’ M.. 2017-07-21
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Contents Media registration is open for the Third APEC Senior Officials’ Meeting in Ho Chi Minh City on 29-30 August, to be led by Viet Nam Permanent Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister and 2017 Chair of APEC Senior Officials Bui Thanh Son. Accreditation will also cover the preceding cluster of key trade and sectoral official meetings from 18-28 ..
638     APEC on Target to Meet Sustainable Energy Commitments 2017-07-14
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Contents APEC’s 21 member economies are the world’s largest producers and consumers of energy. Dr Jyuung-Shiauu Chern, Lead Shepherd of the APEC Energy Working Group, spoke with the APEC Bulletin about the outlook for collaboration between them to address sustainability challenges within the sector as economic and environmental priorities ch..
637     APEC-G20 Align Trade and Growth Priorities 2017-07-14
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Contents VietNam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, representing APEC during the Group of 20 leaders’ summit in Hamburg, delivered a strong message of support for international cooperation to address trade and growth challenges in the unsettled global environment. Invited by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to join the summit in Viet Nam’s ca..
636     APEC Enhances Disaster Resilient Trade 2017-07-14
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Contents A string of costly earthquakes and extreme weather, including the acceleration of the Pacific typhoon season, has prompted new action in APEC to enhance economic security in the world’s most natural disaster-affected region. APEC member economies experience 70 per cent of all disasters globally and sustain over USD100 billion in relat..
635     Korea Joins APEC Data Privacy Program 2017-07-03
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Contents Korea has become the latest member of the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules System, strengthening the growth potential of the e-commerce sector and protection of the rapidly increasing volume of sensitive consumer data used in online transactions in the Asia-Pacific. The integration of Korea’s privacy laws with the system a voluntary,..

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