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584     APEC Finance Ministers Announce Joint Statement 2016-11-15
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Contents Finance Ministers from the 21 APEC member economies announced a joint statement at the conclusion of their meeting in Lima on Saturday under the theme, “Strengthening Public Policy for an Integrated and Resilient Asia-Pacific Region.” The statement reflects the outcomes of the 2016 APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting chaired by Dr. ..
583     APEC Races to Avert Disaster Induced Poverty 2016-11-15
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Contents The Asia-Pacific is on the precipice of a disturbing uptick in poverty due to the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters fueled by climate change and their ripple effect on water and food supplies, warn top emergency management officials from APEC member economies. The threat has prompted officials to ramp up preparedn..
582     President Kuczynski: Education Must Support Adaptability to .. 2016-11-15
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Contents The President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, has urged governments in the Pacific Rim to move forward with education reforms vital to preparing their people to cope with rapid but unpredictable changes unfolding in the global economy. President Kuczynski underscored the importance of modernizing education systems on the heels of a key..
581     Ministers Issue Joint Statement on Education for a Globalize.. 2016-11-15
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Contents Ministers from the APEC member economies issued a joint statement following their meeting in Lima on Thursday on delivering quality and inclusive education. Focus is on boosting productivity and people’s livelihoods across the Asia-Pacific amid the evolution of the globalized economy. The joint statement reflects the outcomes of the ..
580     Ministers Nurture Quality Education to Address Globalization.. 2016-11-15
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Contents Ministers from the APEC member economies have convened in Lima to finalize a set of new collaborative measures for modernizing their education systems. They are intent on mitigating the unintended effects of globalization which threaten continued economic and social progress across the Asia-Pacific. Focus is on improving the quality o..

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