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79     Regional Economic Integration Key Priority for APEC in 2009 2009-02-19
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Contents Agreed that the best contribution to sustaining growth in the Asia-Pacific region over the mid-term would be through accelerating regional economic integration. This is an excerpt of a more extensive summary, which can be found at the APEC 2009 Singapore website at: www.apec2009.sg
78     Singapore APEC 2009 To focus on sustaining growth, connecting.. 2009-01-20
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Contents United States and Viet Nam.
77     Additional Document Delivered By Leaders Raised Further Mea.. 2008-11-24
Category APEC-VC Hits 1835
Contents Declaration of the Leaders of APEC on Global Economy demonstrates the commitment with free markets and openness of economy Leaders have refrained from raising new barriers to investment or trade in goods and services in the next 12 months APEC PERU 2008 Leaders Week Fora modified its agenda to the global financial crisis. This becam..
76     Ministers Address Global Crisis, Cost of Food; Emphasize Nee.. 2008-11-21
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Contents (Lima, Peru, 20 November 2008) Amid what are widely considered the most difficult economic circumstances since the creation of APEC in 1989, Ministers of Trade and Foreign Affairs from across 21 APEC economies gathered to make recommendations to Leaders this week (19 - 20 November). "Our commitment," said the group in a Statement today, "is..
75     Summit Discusses Financing of SMEs, as ABAC Prepares to Ad.. 2008-11-19
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Contents and Training - to overcome the shortage of advanced management knowledge and skills, necessary to entrepreneurship and finance and marketing skills. The recommendations of ABAC are of particular importance to Leaders as the group represents an exclusively private perspective. ABAC comprises some of the most influential business minds..

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