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APEC-VC-News 137 documents out of 137
4     Agenda for VC Korea & Japan on Jan. 14, 2004 2004-01-27
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Contents 1. APEC-VC Workshop in 2004 - Purpose of the workshop which VC Korea has in mind - Necessity or not for assistance from VC Japan 2. Future image of APEC-VC - How APEC-VC should be in a few years ahead (vision of APEC-VC ) - To whom APEC-VC should target in providing information Benchmark for assessing what APEC-VC project ha..
3     Result of APEC-VC Workshop in 2003, Kyoto, Japan 2003-12-10
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Contents The APEC-VC workshop, "Role of the network for Promoting Environmental Technology Transfer" was held in Kyoto, Japan, on Nov.10-12, 2003. Thirty-four experts from 12 countries participated in the workshop, including Mr. Han and Mr. Oh who are APEC-VC Korea operators. Beginning with the opening address by Dr. Yutaka Suzuki, Director-Ge..
2     The APEC Virtual Center Workshop 2002 Tokyo, Japan (Agenda) 2003-05-13
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Contents ·Objectives Solutions to global environmental issues are most urgently and commonly needed. As evidenced by the activities of CTI and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the importance of technologies in solving global environmental issues is being widely recognized. To save the earth, transfer of environmental t..
1     The APEC Virtual Center Workshop 2002 Tokyo, Japan (Chairman.. 2003-05-13
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Contents - The APEC Virtual Center Workshop 12-13 November 2002 Tokyo, Japan - It has been agreed that we will make efforts to offer consultancy services regarding environmental technologies to VCs. However, each economy should be responsible for evaluating information regarding environmental technologies as appropriate to each of their own situa..

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