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609     APEC Officials Widening Asia-Pacific Trade Benefits 2017-03-13
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Contents Senior Officials from the 21 APEC member economies, the world’s largest regional economic cooperation group, have commenced work towards freer Asia-Pacific trade that secures the advantages of globalization while safeguarding the welfare of people hurt by it in the past. Convening for the first time in 2017 in Nha Trang and guided by Vi..
608     APEC Mobilizes to Avert Employment Crisis as Big Data Booms.. 2017-03-13
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Contents Labor officials from APEC member economies are partnering with the private sector to fight the rapidly widening gap between skill levels and employer demand in the Asia-Pacific, prompted by the threat it poses to employment and growth in the digital era. Focus is on mitigating the shortage of personnel equipped to analyze customer, product..
607     APEC Leads Breakthrough Trade Pact Implementation Push 2017-03-13
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Contents APEC member economies are moving quickly to implement the newly ratified Trade Facilitation Agreement, the first multilateral trade deal under the World Trade Organization. They are intent on realizing its potential to boost trade participation and growth across the Asia-Pacific. The Trade Facilitation Agreement, which entered into f..
606     Asia-Pacific Business Leaders Welcome the Entry Into Force o.. 2017-03-13
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Contents A new global agreement designed to help trade flow more freely will lower costs for business and help to raise living standards across the Asia-Pacific region, business leaders meeting in Bangkok for the APEC Business Advisory Council said yesterday. “The global economy has been through a tough period. Trade growth continues to slow,” ..
605     Business Must Focus on Open Trade Benefits and Adverse Impac.. 2017-03-09
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Contents Asia-Pacific business leaders must communicate more effectively the benefits of globalization and address its adverse impacts, according to members of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) who met this week in Bangkok, Thailand. ABAC also reinforced the importance of ongoing regional and multilateral cooperation and collaboratio..

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