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APEC-VC-News 8 documents out of 137
649     Senior Officials Restructure Trade Regimes to Secure Recover.. 2017-09-15
Category APEC-VC Hits 242
Contents Senior Officials from the APEC member economies are restructuring their policy regimes to ease structural bottlenecks to trade in emerging sectors, seeking to limit barriers to continued growth recovery in the Asia-Pacific. Senior Officials are detailing reforms and plans for implementation to better align the region’s markets and open..
648     Health Ministers Boost Patient-First Investment 2017-09-15
Category APEC-VC Hits 210
Contents Health Ministers and officials from APEC member economies are building capacity for healthcare financing and access in the Asia-Pacific to accommodate dramatic changes in demand and ensure productive workforces. Viet Nam Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam launched two-day policy consultations, held in Ho Chi Minh City and supported by i..
647     APEC Tightens Illegal Timber Trade Controls 2017-09-15
Category APEC-VC Hits 201
Contents Shipments of lumber, furniture and other wood products sourced from the Asia-Pacific’s protected but dwindling forests are worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually and on the increase. The introduction of enhanced customs checks in APEC could mark a turning point in efforts to combat this scourge. Demand within APEC member econom..
646     APEC Reforms Food Export Regulations 2017-08-18
Category APEC-VC Hits 339
Contents It is possible for a single producer of frozen processed foods such as lasagna to be required to submit 200 pages of certification paperwork per shipment to export their product. There is an overarching reason for this abundance of documentary requirements: policymakers must ensure that produce from abroad does not harm local consumers, c..
645     APEC to Bridge Trade Policy Gaps in Ho Chi Minh City 2017-08-18
Category APEC-VC Hits 338
Contents Trade and sectoral officials from the 21 APEC member economies have opened talks in Ho Chi Minh City to enable more compatible and forward-looking trade development in the Asia-Pacific. Policy collaboration here over the next two weeks, culminating with a meeting of APEC Senior Officials on 29-30 August, will bridge structural and reso..

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