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626     Developers Compete to Build Apps for APEC SMEs 2017-05-26
Category APEC-VC Hits 325
Contents With just 24 hours to go, 22 software developers from APEC economies are racing to build new online tools to help small businesses grow. As participants in the 2017 APEC App Challenge, these talented coders are competing to build mobile or web applications that can help SMEs begin exporting their products overseas. The goal of the APEC..
625     Asia-Pacific Recovery Hinges on Cooperation 2017-05-26
Category APEC-VC Hits 218
Contents New trade and growth data offer positive signs for Asia-Pacific economies but greater coordinated action to address the unintended effects of globalization will be needed to sustain it and deliver the benefits more widely and equitably to the region’s people, according to a new report. The latest APEC Regional Trends Analysis launched..
624     President Quang: Globalization is Inevitable and Irreversibl.. 2017-05-17
Category APEC-VC Hits 278
Contents President of Viet Nam Tran Dai Quang affirmed the need for APEC to be an incubator of ideas and innovation, and an engine for growth and integration. As the chair of APEC in 2017, President Quang highlighted the importance of accelerating the realization of free and open trade in the Asia-Pacific by member economies by 2020, also known ..
623     APEC Builds Labor Safeguards for Automation Era 2017-05-17
Category APEC-VC Hits 288
Contents Ministers and officials from the APEC member economies have agreed on a new set of collaborative measures for protecting workers against the disruptive effects of technological change. The measures were finalized during a key human resources development meeting in Ha Noi, addressing rising concerns about the toll of automation on employ..
622     APEC, Business Fuel Next Generation Energy Workforces 2017-05-17
Category APEC-VC Hits 290
Contents Energy officials from APEC member economies are teaming up with the business community to improve human resource development within the sector, intent on tackling emerging skills gaps that threaten to undermine its employment and growth-boosting potential. Building talent pools equipped to meet changing technological, operational and ma..

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