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Title  Canadian government to propose chemical management revisions in 2018
Source  Other
Date  2017-10-13 PM 3:39:35 Hit  140
Contents  12 October 2017 / Canada, Environmental Protection Act

Canada's environment minister has agreed that "changes are needed to modernise and improve" the country's Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (Cepa) and has committed to providing a complete proposal by June 2018.

The House Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development released a report on 15 June urging sweeping revisions to Cepa and the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP). Among its 87 recommendations is one reversing the burden of proof onto industry for demonstrating the safety of 'substances of very high concern' – a hazard-based approach borrowed from the EU's REACH regime.

Environment minister Catherine McKenna's response, made on 7 October, noted that some of the recommendations can be "realised through implementation". She said her agency plans to address issues related to public participation and information gathering in that way.

However, she said, the government "is considering regulatory, policy and programme changes that respond to some of the committee's recommendations".

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