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109     EU environment and health plan comes closer 2003-04-11
Category World Hits 1956
Contents The European Commission will set the scene for further EU actions to control hazardous substances in a communication on environment and health to be published in about a month's time. The plan's main recommendation will be to create a pan-European integrated environment and health monitoring system with a special focus on children. Accor..
108     World Bank Loan to Help Fight Pollution in Iran; Afghan Gove.. 2003-04-11
Category World Hits 2133
Contents World Bank Loan to Help Fight Pollution in Iran - With the aim of protecting public health and the natural environment, the World Bank has signed a $20 million loan to support the government of Iran in reducing the impact of water and air pollution in major cities across five provinces in the country, Al-Bawaba News reports. The first in a..
107     EPA announces rule to reduce diesel emission on farms 2003-04-11
Category World Hits 2036
Contents EPA, on April 9, issued a direct final rule that will give California farmers the option to replace existing stationary diesel-powered engines used in agricultural operations with cleaner engines certified to nonroad mobile source emission standards. This rule only applies to California operations because California is the only state with b..
106     Food industry cuts emissions 2003-04-10
Category World Hits 2270
Contents 09/04/03 - As environmental issues gain ground in the European food and drink industry, the UK Food and Drink Federation (FDF) reports this week that food and drink companies appear to be making steady progress in reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions. Since 2001 companies have cut CO2 emissions by 160,000 tonnes. In response to the comm..
105     New wildfire-detection research will pinpoint small fires from.. 2003-04-10
Category World Hits 2069
Contents When the wildfire season begins, the United States will be drawn into a territorial battle that has become an unfortunate rite of spring. The U.S. Forest Service soon will have the advantage of an entirely new tool that will identify and locate wildfires as small as 8-to-12 inches in diameter from 10,000 feet altitude. Scientists at Rocheste..

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