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55     EU green technologies plan moves closer 2003-03-26
Category World Hits 2203
Contents Preparations for an EU environmental technology action plan due later this year took a step forward today in the form of a European Commission communication. A spokesperson for Europe's environmental technology sector welcomed the document but questioned aspects of the Commission's approach. According to the Commission, the basic thrust ..
54     World water conference "a damp squib" 2003-03-26
Category World Hits 2253
Contents A week of global talks on water issues closed in Kyoto, Japan on Sunday amidst widespread criticism. Despite the presence of 12,000 delegates, including ministers from 96 countries, the third world water forum largely failed to make progress on sustainable water management objectives agreed at last year's Johannesburg world sustainability con..
53     Leaders underline EU sustainability goals 2003-03-26
Category World Hits 2231
Contents EU heads of government reiterated the bloc's commitment to sustainable development at their spring summit in Brussels on Friday. The summit declaration includes a call to strengthen the EU's "Cardiff process" of integrating environment into sectoral policies, including development of objectives for decoupling economic growth from environmen..
52     EU, U.S. cooperate on climate change research 2003-03-26
Category World Hits 2187
Contents In an effort to move climate-related science and technology ahead more quickly, the United States and European Union (EU) agreed in February to coordinate their research activities in six key areas. These research areas include the development of standards for hydrogen energy technologies, studies on carbon cycling, creation of global obs..
51     U.S.’s greenhouse gas reduction scheme 2003-03-26
Category World Hits 2207
Contents The Bush administration unveiled on February 12 a set of voluntary agreements with industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warming. Dubbed Climate VISION (Voluntary Innovative Sector Initiatives: Opportunities Now), the program is intended to further the administration's goal to reduce greenhouse gas "intensity"-expr..

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