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78     EU vaunts eco-benefits of green purchasing 2003-04-02
Category World Hits 2091
Contents European public administrations can bring very significant benefits for both the local and global environment through greener purchasing decisions, the European Commission claimed on Friday. The EU executive was publicising initial results of an EU-funded study on the economic and environmental impacts of green procurement in six local au..
77     More details of EU chemicals plan emerge 2003-04-02
Category World Hits 2061
Contents European Commission proposals for the central feature of a revised EU chemicals policy - a strict market authorisation procedure for chemicals of very high concern - will include persistent and bioaccumulative substances, environment commissioner Margot Wallstr said yesterday. Speaking at a Brussels conference just weeks before the Co..
76     Clean Air Act Program Protecting Public Health At Risk 2003-04-02
Category World Hits 2085
Contents Environmental Defense Calls For EPA To Withdraw Proposed Clean Air Act Loopholes (31 March 2003 - Salt Lake City, UT) Today Environmental Defense testified at public hearings across the country - from Albany to Salt Lake City - urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to withdraw proposed loopholes to the Clean Air Ac..
75     U.N. monitors say Iraqi smoke, sewage pose rising health threa.. 2003-04-01
Category World Hits 2164
Contents DENVER - Smoke from burning oil and bombing damage in Iraq pose rising health risks to both soldiers and citizens, while waterways are becoming fouled by untreated sewage, environmental analysts say. Extinguishing fires and repairing water treatment facilities will be an immediate priority of humanitarian aid when the war ends, along wit..
74     Britain's greenhouse gas emissions fell last year 2003-04-01
Category World Hits 2115
Contents LONDON - Britain's emissions of greenhouse gases fell by 3.5 percent last year, keeping the country on track to meet its own pollution targets and those set out in the Kyoto Protocol on global warming, the government said. The drop in emissions, the first decrease for two years, was the result of lower energy consumption, due partly to wa..

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