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24     Trading in greenhouse gases 2003-03-12
Category World Hits 2805
Contents The first voluntary cap-and-trade program for reducing and trading greenhouse gas emissions in the United States should see its first trade this spring. The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) announced in January that 14 of the country’s largest companies had signed up, with a second round due to be announced in the next few months. CCX's me..
23     Other GHGs 2003-03-12
Category World Hits 3007
Contents To cost-effectively tackle climate change, climate policies must extend beyond CO2 and address all of the greenhouse gases (GHGs), according to a report by Pew Center on Global Climate Change, a nonprofit research group. The authors cite that over the past century, the total effect of all other GHGs, including banned chlorofluorocarbons, i..
22     Quantum jump for green energy technology 2003-03-12
Category World Hits 3134
Contents Solar photovoltaics, wind turbines, and fuel cells will expand from a $9.5 billion market today to $89 billion by 2012, according to Clean Edge, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in green energy technology. Clean Energy Trends 2003 predicts continued breakthroughs in producing hydrogen from renewable resources at various government and comme..
21     Bacteria break down Dioxins 2003-03-12
Category World Hits 3162
Contents Researchers in Germany have found that an anaerobic bacterium, which is known to degrade chlorobenzenes, can also break down dioxins, including extremely toxic congeners. Although bacterial mixtures have been reported to transform selected dioxins via reductive dechlorination, this is the first pure culture shown to do so. Michael Bunge of..
20     Hydrogen vehicle won't be viable soon, study says 2003-03-11
Category World Hits 3079
Contents Even with aggressive research, the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle will not be better than the diesel hybrid (a vehicle powered by a conventional engine supplemented by an electric motor) in terms of total energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, says a study recently released by the Laboratory for Energy and the Environment (LFEE). And ..

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