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218     New Solution for Heavy Metals in Wastewater 2003-05-14
Category World Hits 1392
Contents LONDON, U.K., May 13, 2003 - Scientists from Germany, Ireland, and the U.K. have developed a new method of removing heavy metals from wastewater resulting from industrial processes. The cleaning method is expected to find a use in a variety of industries, enabling a greater quantity of heavy-metal contaminated wastewater to be cleaned and..
217     Polluter or taxpayer- European Parliament set to take crucial.. 2003-05-14
Category World Hits 1401
Contents Brussels, Belgium - On the eve of a crucial vote in the European Parliament on the EU's Environmental Liability' Directive, which seeks to implement the 'polluter pays' principle across Europe, five international environmental organizations - Greenpeace, BirdLife International, European Environmental Bureau, Friends of the Earth Europe,..
216     EPA Finalizes Air Pollution Rules 2003-05-14
Category World Hits 1387
Contents WASHINGTON, DC, May 12, 2003 (ENS) -The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revised two rules contributing to its efforts to reduce national emissions of toxic air pollutants. The rules affect industries such as auto and metal can coating, fabric printing and dyeing, iron and steel manufacture, and industrial boilers. The first ac..
215     Seven landfill sites proposed for the city 2003-05-14
Category World Hits 1467
Contents and promoting reusable cloth shopping bags available from Pak 'n' Save supermarkets. The council's works and environment committee chairperson, Joel Cayford, says North Shore's rubbish is currently taken to landfill in neighbouring Rodney and they do not like it either. "We had landfills at Barrys Point and at Devonport in Ngataringa..
214     EU calls for more effort on greenhouse gases 2003-05-14
Category World Hits 1462
Contents (16:52) The European Commission has called on member states to intensify their efforts to deal with greenhouse gases after new research concluded that global carbon dioxide emissions in 2030 will be twice as much as those recorded in 1990. The study calls into question the long-term impact of environmental measures in cutting greenhouse gases..

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