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65     EU public's environmental attitudes polled 2003-03-28
Category World Hits 2109
Contents The EU's first official survey of public opinion on environmental issues for four years was published today by the European Commission. EU environment commissioner Margot Wallstrom promised to take the results into account in designing future policy initiatives. "This survey shows that more needs to be done," she said. The last major EU ..
64     Europeans willing to pay to reduce global warming 2003-03-28
Category World Hits 2131
Contents Almost 90% of Europeans responding to a survey considered global warming and climate change to be serious problems, according to the European Commission’s research directorate, which conducted the survey of 16,000 citizens from 15 European Union member states. One-third of the respondents said they would pay more for energy from renewable res..
63     Guide to checking company green reports issued 2003-03-27
Category World Hits 2170
Contents The world's first assurance standard for independent verification of corporate sustainability reports was launched in London yesterday. The AA1000 assurance standard has been overseen by British not-for-profit organisation Account Ability. The standard will guide verifiers in assessing whether reports are complete, meaningful and accurat..
62     Green groups' standardisation body underway 2003-03-27
Category World Hits 2140
Contents A new body designed to give Europe's environmental movement a formal voice in the work of standardisation bodies Cen and Cenelec is up and running after appointing its first secretary general. Ecos has been created with EU funding and represents several NGOs. It is based at the offices of umbrella organisation European environmental bureau..
61     MEPs equivocate on detergent phosphates 2003-03-27
Category World Hits 2334
Contents No immediate review of phosphate content in detergents should be carried out by the European Commission, according to a report adopted today by the European parliament's environment committee. MEPs said the Commission should issue new legislative proposals, if needed, within three years of a regulation tightening biodegradability and labell..

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