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121     Bush adminstration proposes dramatic reductions of pollution f.. 2003-04-16
Category World Hits 2008
Contents A proposal to dramatically reduce emissions from nonroad diesel engines used in construction, agricultural and industrial equipment is being announced today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This comprehensive national program requires stringent nonroad engine controls and reductions of sulfur in diesel fuel - a program th..
120     Why do peoples' PBDE' levels vary widely? 2003-04-16
Category World Hits 1976
Contents It is becoming increasingly clear that North American women are taking up high levels of a relatively new persistent organic pollutant (POP), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), and new data out of the United Kingdom show that women there are accumulating more than their peers on the continent. As the evidence grows, scientists studying..
119     NC State Researchers Develop New Plastic Recycling Process 2003-04-16
Category World Hits 1900
Contents Plastics are everywhere these days, but current recycling techniques allow only a very limited portion to be reclaimed after initial use. Researchers in the Department of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University, working to change that, have developed a unique recycling process for some of the most common kinds of polymers. ..
118     Sunlight converts common anti-bacterial agent to dioxin 2003-04-15
Category World Hits 1936
Contents MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL--Sunlight can convert triclosan, a common disinfectant used in anti-bacterial soaps, into a form of dioxin, and this process may produce some of the dioxin found in the environment, according to research at the University of Minnesota. The researchers said that although the dioxin was a relatively benign form, trea..
117     EPA intensifies scientific investigation of a chemical proces.. 2003-04-15
Category World Hits 1944
Contents Today EPA is releasing a preliminary risk assessment for the chemical PFOA and is encouraging the public and other interested parties to participate in identifying and generating additional information that will allow the Agency to further develop its risk assessment. PFOA, also known as perfluorooctanoic acid, is used as a processing aid..

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