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91     Whitman Announces $10 Million for States To Protect Public H.. 2003-04-08
Category World Hits 2098
Contents EPA Administrator Christie Whitman today announced nearly $10 million in grants available to eligible states and territories to protect public health at the nation’s beaches. The funds are targeted to improve monitoring water quality at beaches and notifying the public of beach warnings or closings. "EPA is continuing its mission to ensu..
90     New U.S-Mexico border plan released; Innovative environmental.. 2003-04-07
Category World Hits 2090
Contents The United States and Mexico today finalized a new 10-year cooperative plan to protect public health and the environment in the 2,000-mile border region where almost 12 million citizens of both countries live. The new program, Border 2012, will focus on decreasing air, water, waste and soil pollution and lowering the risks of exposure to pestici..
89     OECD/EU green tax database expanded 2003-04-07
Category World Hits 2099
Contents The Paris-based OECD and European environment agency (EEA) have announced a major expansion for their existing database of environmental taxes and charges. The resource is being expanded to cover not only the OECD's 30 members but also another 13 EEA members or associated states in eastern Europe. Meanwhile, data on a range of non-tax ec..
88     France and UK in hot water over nitrates 2003-04-07
Category World Hits 2103
Contents Britain and France are both under threat of embarrassing fines for breaching EU rules on nitrate pollution after the European Commission announced final warnings of repeat legal action for failures to respect previous court condemnations. France looks to be in the most trouble because the Commission is targeting long-standing and appare..
87     NASA ties El Nino induced drought to record air pollution 2003-04-07
Category World Hits 2159
Contents Scientists using NASA satellite data have found the most intense global pollution from fires occurred during droughts caused by El Nino. The most intense fires took place in 1997-1998 in association with the strongest El Nino event of the 20th century. Bryan Duncan, Randall Martin, Amanda Staudt, Rosemarie Yevich and Jennifer Logan, from..

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