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8     Separate collection and discharge of wastes for industries and.. 2003-01-27
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Contents Germany has enforced a new regulation which obligates public institutions and industries for separate collection of wastes, such as paper, glass, plastic and metals for recycling. Also deposit money will be charged for the recyclable containers and cans, and the maximum of 50 thousand Euros will be fined for violation of the new regulation. ..
7     New project to assess potential for renewable energy in develo.. 2002-12-31
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Contents In Bonn, Germany in July 2001 the international community, less some key players like the United States, agreed on the Kyoto Protocol, which provides a blue print to combat climate change. One of the key components in fighting climate change is finding alternative to fossil fuels and looking to alternative energy sources. The United Nations..
6     Cost of Holiday Lights Can Be Offset By Simple Measures 2002-12-31
Category World Hits 4200
Contents Along with the holiday festivities, many of us either put lights up on the outside of the house or light a tree on the inside. Even if you're not putting up enough lights to be seen from space, for the energy conscious, a little extra lighting may weigh on the mind a bit. So, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Buildings Technology Center note..
5     GM to Begin Fuel Cell Vehicle Test 2002-12-31
Category World Hits 4341
Contents Beginning in June, General Motors will begin its first commercial test of liquid hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle in Japan. GM will provide Federal Express Corp. with HydroGen3 vehicles free of charge for use in Tokyo's business area for one year. The vehicles will be in service from June 2003 to June 2004. Over the test period, GM will ..
4     Study Shows Microbes Cleaning Up Boston Harbor 2002-12-31
Category World Hits 4522
Contents Boston Harbor could potentially "cleanse itself" over the next 10 or 20 years say researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, provided that future spills and leaks into the harbor are avoided. The cleanup is underway already, as microorganisms are cleaning up contaminants in the mud beneath the harbor. Previous thinking said tha..

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