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118     Sunlight converts common anti-bacterial agent to dioxin 2003-04-15
Category World Hits 1952
Contents the maximum was 2.3 ppb. McNeill and Arnold chose to study triclosan because they could tell from its structure that it would likely break down in sunlight. In their study, McNeill and Arnold added triclosan to river water, shined ultraviolet light on the water, and found that between one percent and 12 percent of the triclosan was convert..
117     EPA intensifies scientific investigation of a chemical proces.. 2003-04-15
Category World Hits 1966
Contents Today EPA is releasing a preliminary risk assessment for the chemical PFOA and is encouraging the public and other interested parties to participate in identifying and generating additional information that will allow the Agency to further develop its risk assessment. PFOA, also known as perfluorooctanoic acid, is used as a processing aid..
116     EPA voluntary guidelines aid city and country septic system m.. 2003-04-15
Category World Hits 1898
Contents EPA Assistant Administrator for Water, G. Tracy Mehan, III today announced the release of new guidelines that are designed to help local governments strengthen their management of septic systems and other small, privately-owned wastewater treatment systems. "Proper septic system maintenance is a commonly overlooked responsibility," said..
115     Bush adminstration launches on-line environmental stewardship.. 2003-04-15
Category World Hits 2030
Contents The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today that it has launched EarthDay.gov, a Web site which provides Americans a comprehensive guide to environmental service opportunities and Earth Day events sponsored by the federal government. The site is the first interagency effort to create a comprehensive federal resource for citi..
114     Parliament sets out vision for detergents 2003-04-14
Category World Hits 1978
Contents The European parliament yesterday backed proposals by its environment committee and called for a strengthening of draft rules on detergents put forward by the European Commission. MEPs confirmed a demand for carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances to be banned. They also requested that the Commission examine a possible phase-o..

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