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5573     Cosmetics industry could seek EU exemption for titanium dioxi.. 2017-11-30
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Contents Industry association Cosmetics Europe has said it will seek an exemption under the EU cosmetics Regulation if titanium dioxide is classified as a carcinogen.Echa's Risk Assessment Committee (Rac) decided in July that the substance should be classified under EU CLP as acategory 2 carcinogen by inhalation.The use in cosmetics of substances..
5572     UN's Saicm seeks stakeholder input on knowledge platform 2017-10-30
Category World Hits 32
Contents The UN's Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (Saicm)has launched a stakeholder survey to help in the design of an online knowledge management platform.The survey will be used to gather baseline information and assess stakeholder needs. It is anonymous and should take only around eight minutes, Saicm says.The platform c..
5571     Turkish industry body seeks EU grant for KKDIK education 2017-10-30
Category World Hits 26
Contents Turkey's chemicals industry association has applied for a €400,000 grant from the EU to fund a comprehensive education programme on KKDIK, the country's new REACH-like law.The two-year project aims to "strengthen" private organisations and NGOs, and help them achieve compliance with KKDIK, says Mustafa Bagan, general secretary of the Tu..
5570     CW US summit: Stakeholders see long-term success for LCSA 2017-10-30
Category World Hits 29
Contents Several speakers at Chemical Watch’s US Regulatory Summit have said they are optimistic for the success of the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (LCSA). But they felt it would take years, if not decades to achieve its aims.The reformed version of the Toxic Substances Control Act, which passed into law mid 2016, has managed to reach most of i..
5569     US CPSC proposes exempting engineered wood products from tes.. 2017-10-30
Category World Hits 21
Contents and selenium.

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