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5349     Japanese group seeks extended TSCA 'inventory reset' reportin.. 2017-04-04
Category World Hits 91
Contents 20 March 2017 / Japan, Substance notification & inventories, TSCA, United States The Japan Chemical Industry Association has requested the US EPA grant joint submitters additional time to fulfil the proposed TSCA 'inventory reset' reporting requirements. The Lautenberg Act requires the EPA to set a rule outlining the process for desi..
5348     Canada provisionally finds 2-ethylhexyl 2-ethylhexanoate harmf.. 2017-04-04
Category World Hits 89
Contents Contradictory approaches to 100kg/year reporting threshold taken 29 March 2017 / Canada, CMRs, Environmental Protection Act, Personal care, Risk assessment A Canadian draft screening assessment has found that 2-ethylhexyl 2-ethylhexanoate is harmful under section 64 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (Cepa, 1999). The conc..
5347     Hazardous Waste Tracking Bill Proposed in Brazil 2017-04-04
Category World Hits 41
Contents Published March 30, 2017 Brazil - Hazardous Waste A bill (No. 7088/2017) proposed in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies would strengthen the National Solid Waste Policy's (No. 12.305/2010) provisions governing the management and traceability of hazardous wastes in the country. Specifically, the bill would require hazardous waste operators t..
5346     Echa publishes REACH data on 15,000 chemicals 2017-03-30
Category World Hits 74
Contents Cefic backs download limitations to protect confidentiality 23 March 2017 / Data, Europe, REACH, Substance registration Echa has published information on approximately 15,000 substances registered under REACH. The information, which comes from manufacturers and importers, includes details of each substance’s properties and its impact..
5345     Argentina - Buenos Aires Establishes Voluntary Sustainabilit.. 2017-03-30
Category World Hits 144
Contents Published March 22, 2017 Argentina - Design for Environment The Buenos Aires Environmental Protection Agency has published a resolution (No. 69/APRA/17) and an accompanying Annex to establish the "CREAS Sustainability Certification Program for Offices" - a voluntary program that aims to transform public and private workplaces into m..

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