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5323     EEC proposes changes on oils, lubricants regulation 2017-02-09
Category World Hits 108
Contents The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) has notified the WTO of draft amendments to the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union on oils, lubricants and special liquids. These set out requirements of the content of methanol in coolants and determine the validity of previously issued documents of conformity assessment. The proposed ..
5322     €100 fines considered as government says black bags are no pla.. 2017-02-09
Category World Hits 103
Contents Fines of up to €100 for the illegal disposal of electronic waste in black bags are being considered by the government as part of its effort to improve enforcement in the collection of this form of waste. Details about this measure were revealed this morning during a conference organised by WEEE Malta, a private company owned by the GRTU w..
5321     Laos passes chemical management law 2017-02-09
Category World Hits 105
Contents The Laos National Assembly has approved a law on the management of chemical substances. It was passed in a session that ended on 21 November. The final text did come under criticism in the assembly. Almost all members who spoke in the debate expressed concerns that, as drafted, it would not stop the unregulated use of dangerous substances. ..
5320     Dutch ministry favours alternatives to SVHC register 2017-02-01
Category World Hits 103
Contents The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has said it is looking for alternative ways to improve information on SVHCs in the Netherlands in order to avoid implementing a costly national register. In a letter to parliament, environment minister Sharon Dijksma said she was aware of the administrative costs an electronic reg..
5319     France to set labelling rule for furniture chemical emissions 2017-02-01
Category World Hits 109
Contents France has notified the European Commission of a draft decree that will make it mandatory to label furniture – containing wood-based panels – with information about chemical emissions. It will also be compulsory to give the consumer information on precautions to take when using the furniture. This does not apply to secondhand furn..

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