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Title  Thailand plans to prioritise SVHCs for risk assessment
Source  Other
Date  2017-02-17 PM 3:41:14 Hit  542
Thailand’s Department of Works (DIW) is understood to be actively drafting a regulation for the risk assessment of existing and new chemicals, according to a speaker at this week’s Chemical Watch conference in Singapore.

Speaking at the Toxicological Risk Assessment & Product Safety Forum, Chalermsak Karnchanawarin, managing director of HazChem Logistics Management, said the DIW is planning to introduce criteria to identify substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in the existing chemicals inventory, for which risk assessments will be prioritised.

The inventory is being compiled and publication is expected mid-2017.

The DIW is aiming to publish a list of priority assessment SVHCs, for which companies will be required to compile chemical risk assessment (CRA) reports. The list will include CMRs, PBTs and vPvBs.

The tentative timeline would see those made or imported in volumes over 1,000tonnes/year submit a CRA report in 2020, or three years after enactment of the new legislation. The deadline for 100-1,000tonne/year priority assessment SVHCs is 2022 (if enactment is in 2017), and 2025 for the 10-100tonne/year band.
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