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Title Argentina - Buenos Aires City Establishes Voluntary Office Waste Management Stamp Program
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Date 2017-02-28 PM 2:25:04 Hit 645
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The Ministry of Environment and Public Space of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires has published a resolution (No. 63/MAYEPGC/17) that establishes the Integrated Office Waste Management Stamp Program (GIRO) - a program under the authority of the Undersecretariat of Urban Health to be voluntarily implemented in public and private offices to promote the reduction, reuse, and recycling of wastes. (Art. 1, Annex) The primary objectives of the Program are to:
•Encourage separation at the source and proper classification of waste.
•Ensure that office buildings comply with current regulations and legislation.
•Promote the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste in accordance with the City's Zero Waste Law (No. 1.854) (see Regulatory Alert link below).
•Recognize outstanding environmental practices in offices through the use of the GIRO stamp.
•Develop a tool to qualify waste management practices.
•Build a network of offices that share good resource management practices.
•Promote data openness and transparency with regards to office consumption and waste management practices.
•Promote the quantification of waste at the source with the purpose of reducing waste generation.
•Encourage the market for sustainable products.
•Reduce carbon emissions associated with the generation, transportation, and disposal of waste.
•Promote environmental care within offices.

The Undersecretariat of Urban Health would be charged with developing the norms needed to implement the Program. (Art. 2)
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