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Title Costa Rican Bill Calls MINAE to Oversee Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control
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Date 2017-03-17 PM 1:33:41 Hit 748
Contents Published March 10, 2017

In attempts to better define, differentiate, and allocate responsibilities based on core competencies, a bill (No. 20273) proposed in the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly would charge the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) with preventing and controlling environmental pollution.
(Art. 1) The bill would also modify the Law for the Integrated Management of Wastes (No. 8839) (the "Law") to transfer the responsibility of overseeing authority from the Ministry of Health to MINAE.
(Art. 2) Therefore, those entities subject to registration, waste management program, and reporting requirements under the Law would now be required to carry out these activities before MINAE.

In addition, the bill would mandate that in all instances where international agreements or commitments designate the Ministry of Health to represent Costa Rica in matters of environmental pollution prevention and control, the responsibility be transferred to MINAE. (Art. 4) Lastly, all laws and regulations published by the Ministry of Health on the subject of environmental pollution prevention and control would remain in force until replaced by new legislation issued by MINAE within six months of the bill's enactment. (First Transitory Art.)
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