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Title  US EPA publishes initial mercury inventory
Source  Other
Date  2017-04-04 PM 3:50:08 Hit  498
Contents  30 March 2017 / Metals, Substance notification & inventories, TSCA, United States
The EPA has published an initial inventory of mercury in commerce in the US, pursuant to section 8(b)(10)(B) of the new TSCA.
The initial report is comprised of readily available, previously published data on the supply, use, and trade of elemental mercury and mercury compounds. The agency says complete information is not available for some topics.
The EPA is required to publish an inventory every three years. Future reports are expected to include data gathered from manufacturers under a reporting rule, authorised under the Lautenberg Act. This will lay out timing and types of information needed, and must be promulgated by 22 June 2018.
The agency is not asking for comments on the initial inventory.
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