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Title Washington state initiates rulemaking to update CHCC list
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Date 2017-04-04 PM 3:50:46 Hit 801
1 March 2017 / Children's products, Confidentiality & right-to-know, United States

Washington Department of Ecology has initiated a rulemaking to add 21 chemicals and delete three others from its list of reportable substances under the state's Children's Safe Products Reporting Rule.
Its notice follows a stakeholder consultation that began last August and saw the consideration of several dozen substances for removal or addition to the state's Chemicals of High Concern for Children (CHCC) list.
The rulemaking is largely consistent with the preliminary draft rule text issued in December. Along with the 19 chemicals named in a January update to the draft, the department has added two more for possible addition to the list:

• butylated triphenyl phosphate; and
• chlorinated paraffins.

Phthalic anhydride, octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) and molybdenum remain candidates for deletion.
The proposal also separates some listed chemicals currently grouped together into individual listings, and sets a single annual reporting date consistent with those in other states.
Other minor amendments include:

• updating the reporting schedule to remove now obsolete phase-in requirements;
• using the term de minimis to refer to existing minimum chemical reporting levels;
• clarifying that resubmission of identical annual data (ie copy and paste) is sufficient, rather than the currently required letter confirming that no changes have been made from the previous annual report; and
• updating chemical names to be consistent with terminology in the product testing database.

The Department of Ecology will hold a public hearing on the proposal on 25 April. It will accept comments until 12 May and expects to adopt the rule in September.
As proposed, the rule would require manufacturers to report on all CHCCs – both existing and new – at the end of January 2019.
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