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Title UK breaks law for failing to treat urban waste water in Wales
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Date 2017-05-12 AM 11:38:09 Hit 593
Contents Thu 4 May 2017

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the UK broke the law for its alleged failure to properly collect and treat urban waste water in Gowerton and Llanelli.
The UK government had originally been referred to the EU due to excessive spills from storm overflow pipes affecting the two areas.
The European Court of Justice found that the government "failed to fulfill its obligations" by not ensuring that the combined urban waste waters and rainwater system in the Gowerton and Llanelli areas were retained and conducted for treatment.
Welsh Water said they were "considering (the ruling) in detail" and are investing in solutions to the problem
We are aware of this judgment against the UK Government and considering its implications in detail.
As already recognised by the European Commission in 2015 and again in today’s judgment, this is why we are investing £113 million in our ‘innovative’ RainScape solution to protect the local environment and communities in the Llanelli and Gowerton areas from flooding.
We are achieving this by creating extra capacity in our sewer network so that they can cope with more extreme weather conditions and limit their impact on customers and the wider environment.
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