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Title New Mexico City waste sorting rule working well – authorities
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Date 2017-07-21 AM 11:28:25 Hit 478
Contents Friday, July 14, 2017

Since Mexico City's new regulation on waste separation went into effect on July 8, the city has seen a drop in the quantity of waste sent to landfills for disposal, according to local authorities.
Due to the new rule, between July 8 and July 13, city authorities sent 3,101t less solid waste to the sanitary landfills serving the capital, Jaime Slomianski, the head of local urban management agency AGU, said in a statement.
In addition, the amount of organic household solid waste being collected by local service providers has increased 43%, according to the official.
Slomianski noted that the local government will carry out monthly evaluations to measure compliance with the regulations to make the necessary improvements to the information strategy on the new guidelines.
The regulation, known by its Spanish name Norma 04, entails separating solid waste into four different types: organic, recyclable inorganic, non-recyclable inorganic, and large volume waste.
According to authorities, the aim of the new rule is to help the government achieve a "zero waste" goal.
Mexico City currently generates some 13,000t of waste a day, of which only 4,100t are treated for reuse, while the rest is disposed of in sanitary landfills.
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