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Title Canada adds 18 substances to DSL
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Date 2017-07-21 AM 11:28:48 Hit 468
13 July 2017 / Canada, Environmental Protection Act, Substance notification & inventories

The Canadian government has added 14 substances to part 1 of the Domestic Substances List (DSL) and four to part 3 under review of the new substance programme.
It has also removed significant new activity (Snac) reporting requirements for 33 substances. Consequently they have been moved from part 2 of the list to part 1.
Reporting obligations were imposed on the substances in June 2008 and September 2009 because they were considered to present an ecological risk, based on available information at the time.
They were reevaluated as part of the aromatic azo and benzidine-based substance grouping under the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP). A final assessment, published in March, indicated that they are no longer considered to be a potential ecological threat or to raise health concerns.
Finally, there are changes to the listing of four substances. They were added in 2011 and 2012 under masked names to protect confidential business information. This year, industry indicated that this is no longer needed, so their substance identifiers were updated and they were moved from part 3 to part 1.
The DSL is an inventory of substances in the Canadian marketplace. Those that are not on the list are considered new and are subject to notification and assessment requirements before they can be manufactured in or imported into Canada.
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