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Title EU - Amended Commission Regulation on Reporting of F-Gases Published in Official Journal
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Date 2017-08-11 PM 3:52:58 Hit 382
Published August 2, 2017

European Union - Restricted Substances Overview
A Commission implementing regulation on the reporting of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases) has been published in the EU's Official Journal. This regulation amends an existing regulation (Regulation No 1191/2014 determining the format and means for submitting the report referred to in Article 19 of Regulation 517/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on fluorinated greenhouse gases). Regulation 1191/2014 specifies the way information must reported pursuant to Article 19 of Regulation 517/2014, in relation to the use of certain fluorinated greenhouse gases as feedstock or where products or equipment which contain those gases are placed on the market by producers, importers and exporters of those gases and by undertakings that destroy those gases.
Under the regulation, as amended, the reports required in accordance with Article 19 of Regulation 517/2014 must be submitted electronically using the reporting tool based on the format set out in the Annex to the regulation. Prior to carrying out the activities to be reported under Article 19 of Regulation 517/2014, any undertaking is required to register on the website of the Commission for using the electronic reporting tool. To this end, the tool is made available on the website of the European Commission.
The amended regulation is effective as of 16 August 2017
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