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Title Chilean lawmakers criticize approval of controversial landfill
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Date 2017-08-18 PM 2:35:34 Hit 466
Contents Friday, August 11, 2017
Some Chilean deputies were critical of the government's decision to approve a controversial industrial landfill at the Til Til municipality, in the central Metropolitan region.
Members of the environmental committee of the lower chamber of Congress held a meeting with the head of environmental assessment regulator SEA, Juan Cristóbal Moscoso, according to a press release from the chamber of deputies.
During the meeting, Moscoso explained the approval process for the project, but some legislators questioned the legal frameworks used to greenlight it.
"The more explanations are given, the more the precarious technical conditions, on which this project was approved, are exposed", Deputy Gabriel Silber, from the Nueva Mayoría coalition, stated. He was especially critical of waste transportation to the landfill, which he said was not appropriately addressed.
"The issue of transportation was not considered at all and it is simply said that this will be handled by third parties, when the heart of the project relates to hazardous waste that will be transported across the country to arrive at Tiltil with very few or almost no standards for approval", he explained.
Cristina Girardi, also from Nueva Mayoria, similarly questioned the transportation aspect of the project. "[The SEA said] they evaluated the subject of transport, but they evaluated it for the Metropolitana region, not the circulation of dangerous waste across the country", she stated.
The approval of the initiative, which is being developed by local industrial waste treatment company Ciclo, caused protests at the affected municipality, with the local government threatening to shut down an already functioning landfill in the area.
A council formed by the environment, agriculture, health, economy, energy and mining ministries unanimously approved the project.
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