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Title  New Zealand labelling, SDS changes issued for December enactment
Source  Other
Date  2017-10-13 PM 2:53:33 Hit  127
5 October 2017 / Classification, GHS, Labelling, New Zealand, Safety data sheets

New Zealand's EPA has published all ten of its planned Notices dealing with the management of hazardous substances. Overall, they consolidate existing chemical regulations.
However, there are a number of significant changes. These include updates to labelling and safety data sheet (SDS) rules so they are more in line with the country's main trading partners and with the fifth revision of the GHS.
The Notices come into force on 1 December. However, companies will then be given time to adapt.
Companies must comply with labelling and SDS changes from 1 December 2021, where substances are covered by group standards.
Where they have individual approvals, labelling and GHS can remain as is until this is legally reissued. There will then be between two and four years to comply. All individual approvals issued after 1 December must follow the new GHS and labelling requirements immediately.

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