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Title Australia's Nicnas consults on draft notification for cosmetic ingredient
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Date 2017-10-13 PM 2:54:38 Hit 308
5 October 2017 / Personal care
Australia's National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (Nicnas) is consulting on a draft secondary notification assessment report on a-D-Glucopyranoside,ß-D-fructofuranosyl, octadecanoate.
The unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products or of biological materials substance (UVCB) was originally notified to and assessed by Nicnas in 2010 as an ingredient of imported, finished ink cartridges. As a result the notified chemical is now listed on the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS)
However, this secondary notification assessment reassesses the risk posed to the public, workers and the environment based upon information concerning an intended new use of the chemical:

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