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Title  Lincoln finalizes its environmental action plan
Source  Other
Date  2017-12-20 PM 3:53:18 Hit  42
LINCOLN, Neb. After months of hearing feedback from the Lincoln community, the City of Lincoln has finalized its environmental action plan.
The Lincoln Environmental Action Plan aims to make a cleaner and healthier environment for Lincoln.
Some of the changes that were suggested that were added was a new strategy to review the solar energy facilities, improvements to the Green Light Lincoln project, increased support for electric vehicles, transit and bikes, and better goals to reduce solid waste going into the landfill.
Lincoln City Council member Leirion Gaylor Baird said that these are common sense changes suggested by the members of our community. These are changes that strengthen the plan and ultimately our quality of life, she said.
Mayor Chris Beutler said this innovative thinking, planning and building are big reasons that Lincoln continues to shine on the national stage.
For more information, refer to the original document by clicking the source.
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