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652     Green Technology Center 2015-11-23
Category Institutes Hits 1341
Contents Green Technology Center leads research on global environmental issues and sustainable development through establishing national and local policies for R&D activities in the field of green technology and supporting cooperation with various world-renowned research institutes specializing in green technologies. Green and sustainable techno..
651     Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) 2015-05-11
Category Institutes Hits 1745
Contents The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) was founded on the belief that economic growth and environmental sustainability are not merely compatible objectives; their integration is essential for the future of humankind. GGGI is an international, treaty-based organization with 22 member countries. GGGI focuses on assisting developing & emer..
650     National Institute of Environmental Research 2014-12-31
Category Governments Hits 1933
Contents 1. Overview Aims to create healthy environment for people to live in Support implementation of environmental policy to support welfare Study to resolve national environmental issues and research to create sustainable future 2. Organization Environmental Studies Announcement Information Services Korea Research Portal 3. F..
649     Greenhouse Gas General Information Center 2014-12-31
Category Public Organizations Hits 1983
Contents 1. Overview Supports Korea to reach its sector specific greenhouse gas reduction targets Operates a world-class comprehensive greenhouse gas management information system Act as greenhouse gas inventory and international backbone for research on greenhouse gas emission 2. Organization News Policy resources Business information..
648     Vehicle Emissions Integration Management System 2014-12-31
Category Institutes Hits 1991
Contents 1. Overview Provide information about policies related to vehicles’ greenhouse gas emission Deliver latest announcements about vehicle greenhouse gas emission Provide useful background information about laws and policies related to cars Introduce government agencies, research organizations, and institutions related to vehicle gree..

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