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607     Federation for Environmental Movements of Tongyeong and Geoje 2013-12-24
Category NGOs Hits 1942
Contents 1. Overview The Federation for Environmental Movement was established in order to promote the world as a safe and peaceful living ground for us and our future generation through environmental movements with deep recognition that the air, soil, water and the ecosystem which are based on them have been seriously destroyed by reckless acts o..
606     Nakdong River Environmental Network 2013-12-24
Category NGOs Hits 1926
Contents 1. Overview The Nakdong River Environmental Network is a volunteer group engaging in both environment protection and monitoring in order to contribute to the eco-friendly lifestyle of the public and preserve pure water, clean air and green land for future generations through public awareness campaigns by implementing environmental educa..
605     Future Resources Institute 2013-12-24
Category Institutes Hits 1986
Contents 1. Overview The Future Water and Environment Institute was established with both recognition that systematic research and development in the field of Korea's water resources policy would be required and a necessity for new paradigms for future resources management arose. Later the Institute's business has been expanded from existing wat..
604     Energy Justice Actions 2013-12-24
Category NGOs Hits 2070
Contents 1. Overview The Energy Justice Actions takes a new approach to environmental problems, which can differentiate us from many other environmental groups by promoting distinguishing environmental movements and protecting lives that are taken advantage of by the rich. We have believed that environmental problems can be solved only if there a..
603     University of Incheon's Environmental Technology Support Corps 2013-12-24
Category Institutes Hits 1800
Contents 1. Overview The University of Incheon's Environmental Technology Support Corps which was especially established in order to improve the odorous environment of the Namdong Industrial Complex in Incheon Metropolitan City is a project group that mainly engages in providing environmental technology support to the Incheon region and the S..

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