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602     Korean Federation for Asbestos Environment 2013-12-23
Category NGOs Hits 1848
Contents 1. Overview - Asbestos has long been used in many respects. As asbestos has many merits, it has been useful in daily life and industrial sites. Asbestos has been used extensively because it is heat- and chemical-resistant, conserves heat well, provides additional strength to materials and has soundproof effects. However, the risk of asbestos..
601     Gyeongbuk Green Environment Center 2013-12-23
Category NGOs Hits 1896
Contents 1. Overview Gyeongbuk Green Environment Center established and operated through the designation of the Ministry of Environment strives to grow as an environment-friendly local agency that can make the Gyeongbuk region (North Gyeongsang Province) to be the most pleasant living environment in Korea and guarantee the most favorable indus..
600     Global Water Industry Information Center 2013-12-23
Category Public Organizations Hits 2060
Contents 1. Overview - With the advent of the Blue/Gold era, the water industry and environment industry have rapidly emerged as new national growth engines. According to OECD, the water infrastructure market is projected to be a 1,000 trillion won industry in 2025. World-class technology development, active support from the government and prompt co..
599     Center for Eco-Smart Waterworks System 2013-12-23
Category Public Organizations Hits 2104
Contents 1. Overview The Center for Eco-Smart Waterworks System has been developing the world leading water membrane separation technology, high-tech intelligent optimal water treatment plant technology and waterworks technology tailored for the export market in order to promote water companies by 2020 through the development of the ET-IT-NT i..
598     Deajeon Green Environment Center 2013-12-23
Category NGOs Hits 1996
Contents 1. Overview - Deajeon Green Environment Center plays a leading role in conducting research and investigation on the overall phenomena of environmental pollution problems which occur in the Daejeon and Chungnam, or South Chungcheong Province area and in developing and spreading cutting-edge environmental technologies. Since the Center ..

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