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637     Council for Sewer Maintenance Contractors 2014-12-04
Category Public Organizations Hits 1855
Contents 1. Overview Intends to follow “Sewer inspection certification” policy that will be established by Korean Water and Groundwater Association Provides construction standards and guidelines to be used when inspecting sewer system To share expertise between council members and intend to contribute to environmental conservation Purpose..
636     Korea Soil and Groundwater Preservation Association 2014-12-04
Category Public Organizations Hits 1931
Contents 1. Overview Promotes healthy development of soil and groundwater related industries based on Soil Environment Conservation Act and Groundwater Law Conducts research to improve technologies that are related to soil and groundwater environmental conservation 2. Organization Executive Office Operation division Research Departm..
635     Vehicle Environment Movement Association 2014-12-04
Category Public Organizations Hits 1821
Contents 1. Overview In order to mitigate a serious pollution problem caused by rapid industrial growth, Vehicle Environment Movement Association leads internal and external green growth movement by promoting public relations and campaign activities. Leads green growth movements in air, water, and waste areas 2. Field of Activity Atmosphere ..
634     Korea Domestic Sewage Treatment Association 2014-12-04
Category Public Organizations Hits 2015
Contents 1. Overview Aims to improve water environment by implementing wastewater recycling program in sewage treatment facilities In 2005, 59 professional water manufacturers gathered together to establish this association 2. Brief History 2005: Inaugural meeting to establish “Korea Sewage Treatment Design Association” 2006: Registration ..
633     Korea Import Motorcycle Environment Association 2014-12-04
Category Public Organizations Hits 1998
Contents 1. Overview Protects rights and interests of Motorcycle suppliers and consumers by providing Greenhouse gas emission warranty and developing A/S management system Attempts to improve the quality of people’s life by developing a precise control system for motorcycles according to the Air Pollution Conservation and Noise/ Vibration Co..

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