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632     Green Earth 2014-12-04
Category NGOs Hits 1964
Contents 1. Overview Aims to contribute to the sustainability by preserving the natural environment and developing activities to prevent global warming and desertification Aims to provide solution for environmental crisis in Mongolia Bayan region which is currently going through desertification 2. Organization Advisory committee Chairman..
631     Korea Education Council of Automotive Exhaust Emission for In-used Car (KECA) 2014-12-04
Category Public Organizations Hits 2020
Contents 1. Overview Contributes to environment conservation through activities such as maintenance/inspection of running cars, and training of young professionals Provide the latest technical information to technicians and researchers in automobile sector to improve their literacy and practical skills 2. Organization Education committee Bu..
630     ENERZINE 2014-12-04
Category NGOs Hits 2185
Contents 1. Overview This is the website that is operated by Energy Politics Center and Energy and Climate Policy Institute ENERZINE is a shared information space that collects and shares information about climate and clean energy 2. Organization Energy Politics Center Energy and Climate Policy Institute 3. Field of Activity ENERZ..
629     Korea Verification Association of Greenhouse Gas (KOVA) 2014-12-04
Category Public Organizations Hits 1936
Contents 1. Overview Cooperates with the government’s policy to reduce greenhouse gas emission KOVA’s role is to connect government policy to its members and improve reliability of Greenhouse gas emission verification system 2. Organization Training/ Planning Team Verification Support Team Research Team 3. Field of Activity Carry o..
628     Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association (KWWA) 2014-12-04
Category Public Organizations Hits 2107
Contents 1. Overview The Goal is to improve the quality of people’s lives by improving the water quality and lead development of water and waste water sector. KWWA supports domestic water industries and invests in International Water Industry Expo (WATER KOREA) in order to become a leading professional institution in water industry. KWWA..

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