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622     I Love Water 2014-11-26
Category Governments Hits 1950
Contents 1. Overview Introduces domestic/ nondomestic water status, government measures, ways to practice love toward water Shares basic information about water among group members Provides opportunity to practice water saving 2. Brief History 2002 : Overview of “I Love Water” website 2003 : Reorganization of the website 3. Field of Acti..
621     Remote Water Quality Monitoring System 2014-11-26
Category Public Organizations Hits 2267
Contents 1. Overview Monitors emission of water pollutants from sewage/ waste water treatment facilities and business places in real time Prevents water pollution Helps places of business to analyze and manage water pollutants emissions rate in different time scale 2. Brief History 2004 : Established management plan for wastewater dischargin..
620     Guem-River Basin Management Research Center 2014-11-26
Category Public Organizations Hits 1985
Contents 1. Overview To secure water management infrastructure and research capacity around Geum-River basin To collect comprehensive information of the Geum-River basin To prepare accurate and timely utilization system for watershed management 2. Organization Center Chief Research Council - Aquatic ecosystem research committee - Aqu..
619     Han River Environment Research Center 2014-11-26
Category Public Organizations Hits 2160
Contents 1. Overview To Create space to understand water environment ecology and recognize the importance of resources of Han River To provides scientific information and promotes awareness about the watershed environment To conserve and manage research accomplishment on the area near Han River such as Lake Paldang To experience and learn a..
618     Water Information System 2014-11-07
Category Public Organizations Hits 1948
Contents 1. Overview National Institute of Environmental Research built Water Information system to gain comprehensive understanding about water quality Purpose of this website is to analyze the effects of previous major policy initiatives in order to collect basic data when establishing future water quality conservation policy Also, Water Inf..

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